Field Formation 3
Field Formation 3
a modular sound environment
March 20, 2022

Field Formation 3
-a modular sound environment by Daniel Hill
-Sunday March 20, 2022, at 4p.m.
in conjuction with the exhibition SONIC at Metaphor Projects a group exhibition featuring Rosaire Appel . Emily Berger . David Henderson . Daniel Hill . Gilbert Hsiao

Field Formation 3 is a sonic meditation weaving textural elements such as cicadas, treefrogs, spring peepers, shortwave radio, analog synthesizer, and tapes into a sonic architecture conducive for thinking and creativity.

Drawing on Reciprocal Synchrony, a recent sound installation Hill exhibited in Athens Greece, this installation will utilize the same modular wood boxes playing loops from Hill’s library of field recordings, while he live mixes other sonic elements.

Daniel Hill explains: “To assist entering the focused mind state required to make my paintings, I also create drone based sound environments which are then listened to as sonic support for the painting process. As a result, the sonic and visual have crystalized into a creative feedback loop: each modality informing and adapting from interaction with the other. Unlike a traditional musician, my main instrument has become the entire encompassing process of recording, performing, deep listening, sculpting, treating, and mixing found sounds and musical elements.”

This piece will be the third track from the upcoming Field Formations album, which will in turn, function as the sonic support for the next paintings in the Equivalent series.